On-Site Refurbishment & Painting

ATM kiosk in building lobby

Before you invest in a new ATM, consider ATM refurbishment and branding. This process provides you with an almost-new machine at a fraction of the cost of replacing it, and it’s an environmentally sound choice for the planet. The majority of ATMs, despite the brands and models, are capable of being refurbished. We offer partial and complete refurbishment of automated teller machines.

J&P’s refurbishment process, which can be performed by you or by our skilled ATM technicians, includes:

  • shipping of ATM panels (fascia, doors, collar, FDK bezel, shutters, top/back/side panels) that are worn from weather, age and daily use. New panels feature high-quality automotive paint that’s resistant to weather and contact, and available in factory colors or custom matched to your bank or credit union’s branding.
  • bringing inner parts to compliance
  • software and hardware upgrades if deemed necessary

We can also add compliance features to your ATM, including braille decal sheets and ATM compliance signage.

We perform our work in a controlled environment, and if you choose to order parts only and complete the refurbishment yourself, you must do the same.

Improve your ROI with an ATM refurbishment today. What we’ll need to know to get started:

  • model and brand (we service Diebold, NCR, Hyosung and others)
  • processor type
  • card reader (standard or EMV)
  • software version
  • network processor type
  • audio type
  • picture of the machines
  • EPP type

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Our customized programs address repainting, graphic updates, graphic wraps and refurbishment.

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