ATM Maintenance & Repair

Routine ATM maintenance reduces downtime and expensive service calls. And our Kiosk Electrical Survey Service ensures that your equipment is always functioning optimally.

It reduces downtime and expensive service calls by:

  • Testing receptacle power polarity and grounding
  • Measuring electrical load on circuits
  • Testing voltage at the receptacles
  • Visually inspecting the receptacles

Don’t let unexpected maintenance and emergency repair service put operations costs over budget. J&Ps service agreements can minimize the potential for unplanned expenses buy. Click here to request a custom quote!

Preventative maintenance
ATM removal and installation
Kiosk preventative maintenance and repairs
Kiosk servicing, including lighting, roofing and HVAC units
Recycling of old equipment in compliance with regulations
Repainting and graphics
On-site ATM exterior refurbishment
Bulb replacement
Signage compliance

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