Drive-Thru Lane & Equipment

Before and After drive-thru lane refurbishment

Drive-thru lane cleaning makes the best possible impression on your customers and shows them that you care about the details. Eliminate oil stains and vehicle exhaust residue on cement or pavement with our waterless drive-thru cleaning solution. This environmentally friendly method produces zero runoff, and can make your drive-through lanes and parking areas look new again.

Our high-tech powder solution contains bio-enzymes that introduce natural bacteria to the surface, allowing them to “eat” oil-based stains. We can apply the solution around your business’ schedule to prevent downtime.

During your drive-thru lane cleaning service, our technicians can also perform a comprehensive inspection of your deal drawer, pneumatic tubes, night deposit drops, bollards and bollard covers, and drive-thru lane signage.


We offer a waterless drive-thru and parking lot cleaning solution, as well as traditional power washing, degreasing and complete drive lane cleaning. We also provide a full range of products and services for your drive-thru lanes, from a comprehensive inspection of all drive-lane equipment to drive-thru lane signage.

Waterless drive-thru lane cleaning solution can be applied to parking lots as well
Bio-enzymes introduce natural bacteria to the concrete surface, allowing them to "eat" oil-based stains
Environmentally friendly
Power-washing and degreasing solutions available
We can inspect the entire drive lane and equipment, including deal drawer and window, VATs (pneumatics), night deposit drop, bollards, signposts and signage banners
Customized programs available

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