Inspection & Cleaning

Mobile tech cleaning and inspecting ATM

Regular banking equipment cleaning, inspection and maintenance helps ensure a safer experience for your customers. They help identify the presence of skimming devices or other identity theft attempts before a security breach happens.

J&P Site Experts provides a full range of maintenance, inspection and cleaning services to foster a positive brand image that builds customer loyalty. Our services include:

• ATM cleaning and ATM inspection

• kiosk cleaning and inspection

• drive-through lane cleaning and inspection

• vault cleaning and preservation

• safe deposit box cleaning and preservation

All of our cleaning and sanitization practices adhere to CDC and National ATM Council standards to limit the spread of COVID-19.

ATM Cleaning & Kiosk Cleaning

J&P’s fast, reliable ATM cleaning & kiosk cleaning services give your customers a cleaner, positive experience. Our inspection process also often uncovers skimming devices or other identify theft software, providing an added level of security to your customers.


Drive-Thru Lane & Equipment

Drive-thru lane cleaning makes the best possible impression on your customers and shows them that you care about the details. Eliminate oil stains and vehicle exhaust residue on cement or pavement with our waterless drive-thru cleaning solution. This environmentally friendly method produces zero runoff, and can make your drive-through lanes and parking areas look new again.


Vault and Safe Deposit Box

Annual vault & safe deposit box cleaning, and inspection of stainless steel doors and metal moving parts is essential. These practices assure optimal functionality and appearance, since they’re the cornerstone of your banking facilities.