Vault and Safe Deposit Box

Annual vault & safe deposit box cleaning, and inspection of stainless steel doors and metal moving parts is essential. These practices assure optimal functionality and appearance, since they’re the cornerstone of your banking facilities.

Why Vault & Safe Deposit Box Cleaning?

Shiny vaults and safe deposit boxes signal your pride in protecting your customers’ assets. Project a trustworthy image and safeguard the functionality of your operation with an annual inspection and cleaning.

Depending on your equipment’s volume of use, metal cleaner ensures protection for six to nine months. When rust develops, it can create permanent discoloration even after removal, so it’s crucial to avoid it in the first place.

Notably, clear-coat finishes are not a lifetime fix for rust prevention. So through the years, these surfaces gradually take on a yellow or brown hue. Fortunately, cleaning can remove this discoloration without damaging the clear-coat finish.

Other Bank & Credit Union Services

In addition to restoring your metal surfaces, J&P Site Experts provides a wide range of facility maintenance services for your bank or credit union, including painting, carpet installation and other carpentry work. Click here to learn more about our facility maintenance solutions.

Our comprehensive servicing plan includes:

Cleaning and preserving vault doors
Cleaning and preserving safety deposit boxes
Rust removal from metal surfaces
Metal protectant application to prevent future tarnishing and rusting
Resurfacing non-skid doorway floor transition plates
Repainting metal vault surfaces
Detailed inspection report available

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