Installation & Refurbishment

Are your ATM service areas and drive-thru lanes in need of updates? J&P Site Experts can provide a comprehensive cost analysis to help you decide if a complete ATM replacement or refurbished ATM is the best choice.

J&P installs popular ATM brands like NCR and Diebold. However, there are sometimes benefits to ATM refurbishment rather than ATM replacement. We can perform software upgrades, painting, graphic wraps and ATM parts replacement without the need for a whole new ATM. Our team at J&P Site Experts will help you decide which solution is best for your needs. We will deliver the best customer experience possible at the price point you desire.


Whether you require ATM installation, relocation or complete removal, J&P Site Experts specializes in seamless site preparation strategies for a smooth transition and minimal downtime.


Drive Lane Bollard Pipes and Covers

Protect your buildings and equipment! You have the power to prevent accidents or limit their severity with bollard installation in your drive-thru lanes, in front of your buildings and in any area that requires protection from vehicles. We install, remove and replace steel bollard pipes.


On-Site Refurbishment & Painting

Before you invest in a new ATM, consider ATM refurbishment and branding. This process provides you with an almost-new machine at a fraction of the cost of replacing it, and it’s an environmentally sound choice for the planet. The majority of ATMs, despite the brands and models, are capable of being refurbished. We offer partial and complete refurbishment of automated teller machines.



Don’t settle for ATM and kiosk equipment going directly into the landfill. To minimize harm to the environment and to comply with government regulations, we perform ATM recycling services to properly dispose of worn-out ATM and kiosk equipment.