3 Reasons Why ATM Cleaning Should Be Left to the Pros 

December 3, 2020

ATM cleaning and drive-through lane equipment cleaning may sound simple, but they aren’t tasks for a cleaning company that doesn’t specialize in cleaning banking equipment. Here’s why.

1.     Machine and equipment surfaces can break down and suffer damage if improper cleaning solutions are used. Companies that are qualified in ATM cleaning know what types of solutions are safe for your financial institution’s machines and are trained  on how to safely apply disinfecting techniques that combat the spread of COVID-19 and other diseases. Investing in a quality cleaning program will extend the life of your machines and keep the surfaces from wearing down.

2.     Professional ATM and drive-through lane equipment cleaning companies not only perform cleaning, but they also often provide a condition report so you know that everything is in good working condition. This includes ATMs or kiosks, pneumatic tubes, deal drawers and the night deposit box.

3.     A professional ATM cleaning company will check for anti-skimming devices, make sure there is ADA compliance and clean the interior of kiosk units. Anti-skimming devices will go unnoticed by cleaners who aren’t trained on this safety measure.

Protect your investment by starting a routine cleaning program, and consider ramping up your cleaning frequency as COVID-19 continues to be a threat to public health. For information on J&P Site Experts’ cleaning programs, visit our Inspection & Cleaning page or call 262.346.8451.