Learn How to Increase ATM Traffic by Following These Five Tips

July 8, 2019

When your financial institution’s ATM reports show reduced ATM usage at your fleet of machines, do you struggle to understand why they aren’t being used as often as you expected? You can increase ATM traffic by following these five tips.

Improve Visibility to Make Sure Your Customers Know You Have an ATM 

If your customers can’t find or see your ATM, that’s a problem. Place signage and window decals in appropriate areas to direct people to your ATM. If it’s located in your drive-through lane or inside one of your branches, consider adding an ATM sign on or near your marquee signage. And make sure your website lists your exact ATM locations rather than just an address.

Create a Safe ATM Environment

Install adequate lighting around your ATM. Make the walking path or drive-through lane leading up to it clear and easy to navigate. You can also display signage to inform customers that your area is monitored for safety and tampering, if it’s under video surveillance. 

Keep Your ATM & Its Surrounding Area Clean

Do you shop in stores or eat at restaurants that are dirty? We’re guessing no. Same goes for ATMs. If it doesn’t look clean, that’s a surefire way to keep customers from using it. There are a number of ways to offer clean ATMs and clean ATM environments, from using cleaning cards to having staff or a contractor clean the machines on a routine basis. Ask janitorial staff to place garbage receptacles near the ATM for waste, too.

Keep Your ATM in Good Working Order

Minimize or eliminate ATM downtime to boost customer usage. If a customer visits your ATM and it’s not functional, there’s a good chance the customer will interpret it as a sign that your financial institution’s equipment isn’t well taken care of. Conduct regular tests to ensure your ATM is functioning optimally. Take advantage of technology that monitors your equipment and lets you know when it’s down — don’t wait to learn it’s down from your customers. 

Take Ownership of Your ATM & Display Your Compliance

Remind your customers whose ATM they’re using by incorporating signage above or near it. Inform visitors of your associated ATM network with signage, so they know what kinds of cards are accepted. Every ATM should also have Braille decals and signage for the visually impaired.

By implementing these suggestions, your bank, credit union or business will experience an uptick in ATM traffic in no time. For customized evaluations or guidance on how to increase your ATM usage, send us a message or call us at 262.346.8451.