Repair, Re-Cover, Coat or Replace: Factors to Consider for a Leaky Building Roof

February 1, 2018

The recent snow and rain in the Midwest may have left your financial institution with a leaky building roof. This is a common time of year to discover that your roof is showing signs of wear. What’s the best way to address the problem given that the season for precipitation is far from over? Follow our suggested action plan to ensure you’re making the best possible decision.

Control the Leak

First things first: Get the leak under control. If there is water leaking inside your building, quickly contact a professional, who can inspect the area for moisture trapped inside the building and the roofing system. An external and internal review are important because we often see cases of the problem occurring below the roof membrane.

Assess the Damage

If more than 25 percent of your roof is damaged or deteriorating, it’s time for replacement. If a smaller part of the roof is damaged but the majority of it is intact and in good condition, repair is the route to go.

If your roof appears to be in good condition and is newer but you’re still experiencing an occasional leak, coating the roof is a good option. Today’s coatings can bring a combination of energy savings because they repel heat and UV rays, and provide an extra layer of protection from the elements.


In cases where the single membrane is worn out, you can have the roof re-covered. However, a roof can only be re-covered one time.

Other Considerations

Once you have pinpointed the problem, consider the following:

How old is it? (If it’s more than 15 years old, it’s more likely to be a candidate for replacement.)

Has it leaked before?

What’s your climate like?

Did the damage occur over a high-traffic or important area of the building?

Will business operations need to be interrupted?

Will your new roof meet building code and energy requirements?

The most important lesson here is to get your roof inspected annually, so you won’t be caught off guard. You’ll be able to plan for your costs because a professional crew can tell you just how soon you’ll have to do work on your roof.

A leaky building roof can be cause for a headache, but it not need be: Contacting a professional will help you make the most informed decision. To start an annual inspection program or for expert answers to your roofing or any facilities maintenance question, send us a message or call 262.346.8451.