J&P Site Experts Earns Positive Review From Landmark Credit Union Executive

March 3, 2015

J&P Site Experts recently sought feedback from some of its longtime customers to ensure that they were receiving only the best customer service and the highest quality of work. The first response we received was from our very first customer ever, Landmark Credit Union.

J&P has been servicing Landmark’s facilities and grounds for many years, as well as providing products on occasion. We were pleased and humbled to hear that Landmark is beyond happy with our work, and wanted to share what one of its executives had to say:

“We have the honor of being J&P Site Experts’ first customer. We took a leap of faith based on our trust in owner Patrick Paquin. From day one, J&P has consistently exceeded our expectations. The company offers only the best quality in facilities/property maintenance work and ATM cleaning, and for an excellent value. The services and work that J&P provides brings proven results, including member compliments in our case. J&P fully delivers on its promise of ‘Safeguarding Your Image.’ “



Robert J. Bruemmer
Executive Vice President, Landmark Credit Union