How Your Facilities Can Reflect a Positive Brand Image

November 25, 2019

When you think of your financial institution’s brand image, you probably think of making sure your signage is consistent and strong, and your customers’ interaction with your staff is positive. But what about your facilities? When your customers and staff enter one of your buildings or walk onto one of your properties, is what they see immaculate? 

Facility maintenance is important not only on the outside, but the inside. Here are five areas to focus on to improve the look of your buildings and properties.


Make sure your walls and building exterior do not have any chipped or faded paint. Painting is the most cost-effective form of maintenance and can completely revitalize an aging or dated building. High-traffic areas may need to be repainted as often as every one to two years. Use colors that are neutral or tie into your brand in a subtle manner.


Evaluate the condition of your flooring. Is it safe, with transition areas easy to walk upon? There are many types of durable commercial flooring that will work for your financial institution, from tile to carpet or carpet tiles to laminates or luxury vinyl tile (LVT). 


Are your restroom areas in need of improvement? Examine tile work, fixtures and plumbing. Consider installing new faucets and toilets to reduce water usage and demonstrate your brand’s commitment to sustainability. Keep your restrooms as clean as possible to also leave your customers and staff with a positive feeling about your brand.


Outside your buildings, walk around your property to look for anything that could potentially cause a negative impression from your customers. Ensure that your roofing and gutters are in good condition and drain properly, especially as winter approaches. Walkways should be well-lit and clear. Entrances and exits, including doors and windows, should be in good condition and secure. Security bollards can be lighted to improve safety, or standard or decorative to prevent accidents or damage to drive-through lane equipment.

Heating & Cooling

Are your buildings well-ventilated and insulated? Are there certain areas that are hotter or cooler than others? Take advantage of new energy-efficient equipment and methods to keep your costs down and your buildings consistently at the proper temperature.

Taking pride in your facilities not only improves your image in the eye of the customer, but it also improves employee morale and productivity. And facility improvements have the greatest return on investment in terms of customer satisfaction. 

Remember that a well-run, well-maintained facility produces great customer experiences. If you’d like an inventory of your facilities to identify potential areas for maintenance or improvement, contact the J&P team at 262.346.8451.