At Height of Flu Season, ATM Cleanliness Couldn’t Be More Important

February 20, 2018

It is often said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. And in the height of flu and cold season, that adage couldn’t be more appropriate when it comes to ATM cleanliness.

Why Is ATM Cleanliness Important?

The winter months, particularly in cold climates like the Midwest, are a critical time to think about the cleanliness of your ATM fleet and other equipment. ATMs in particular harbor a lot of germs: In fact, a recent health story notes that there are 1,200 types of germs — including influenza and E. coli — on a single ATM key. A University of Arizona study found 64 percent of people believed a public restroom door handle had more germs than an ATM, but they were wrong. A New York study did not find any difference between the concentration of germs on indoor vs. outdoor ATMs.

A Clean Image, Too

atm cleanliness

Clean ATM guarded by dome top bollard covers

While having a routine ATM cleaning and maintenance program in place can significantly reduce the spread of illness among those who use it, it also will present a more positive image of your financial institution to your customers, both existing and prospective. When your customers walk away, they’ll remember their good experience and be more likely to keep banking with your institution.

In addition to ATM cleanliness, consider having your pneumatic tubes, safe deposit box and other high-traffic equipment cleaned too; they’re just as vulnerable to hosting germs as ATMs.

Theft Prevention

In addition to minimizing illness and the spread of germs, ATM cleaning can prevent skimming and other forms of tampering by thieves. When the card reader is inspected and cleaned, skimming devices often will be noticed and removed.

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