Make Earth Day Every Day With Small Changes for Greater Sustainability

April 22, 2015

Today is Earth Day, and we want to educate our customers on what J&P Site Experts is doing every day to develop practices and solutions that minimize our impact on the environment.

We use minimal paper in our offices and work mostly electronically with customers. Whenever possible, we source our products from suppliers closest to us and inside the U.S. to reduce the amount of fuel and packaging to move things from overseas. We sell refurbished products, from ATM cassettes and ATM locks to our complete ATM refurbishment process to save machines from entering the landfill unnecessarily. We sell Clean N’ Green Cans for businesses to offer recycling alongside waste, and electric vehicle charging stations for cars and trucks that run on batteries. And we sell products that last or can be repaired to minimize disposal.

Every business and every individual can make small changes each day to reduce their carbon footprint. Don’t know where to start with sustainability? Visit the following resources:

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency blog

Worldwatch Institute blog

Sustainable Works