ATM Cleaning Benefits Bring a Positive Bank, Credit Union Image

February 21, 2017

Topping the list of ATM cleaning benefits is a positive image for your bank or credit union. ATMs top the list of the dirtiest things we touch every day. Our hands easily transfer germs that cause illness to everything touch. These germs can live on surfaces for days.

According to a Medical Daily article, more than 41 percent of ATMs are infected with disease-causing microorganisms, bacteria and viruses. Another research article found that ATMs are dirtier than most public bathroom door handles.

We can’t live in a bubble, but we can make the best decisions possible in the banking business to minimize the spread of disease. A regularly cleaned ATM area is an important part of delivering financial services to your customers.

Imagine what your branches or offices would look like if you stopped the janitorial services. If your ATM is located outside of a bank or credit union’s location, you are still responsible for the equipment and your customers are still experiencing an interaction with your business. Even though an actual person is not serving the customer, an impression is made and an opinion will quickly form. ATM cleaning benefits your image and brand because you provide well-maintained machines.

Getting Started for ATM Cleaning Benefits

J&P Site Experts provides ATM cleaning and ATM maintenance services with many years in the business. Our team understands what products work well to remove pathogens from the machines. We have programs for regular ATM cleaning with varying frequency. We also provide ATM preventive maintenance, painting, refurbishment, parts and more.

The best way to determine how often to clean and inspect your ATMs is to call us or submit a quote request.

Also, an insider tip: When possible, consider installing an antibacterial hand sanitizer dispenser near your ATM. It will minimize the passage of germs to the ATM’s surface.