Why Having a Facilities Maintenance Company Is Important: A Case Study

November 3, 2022

If you operate numerous financial institution locations across a large geographic area, you might rely on different businesses for repair work for plumbing, electrical or other facilities maintenance issues. While this seems like a logical idea, we’re going to give you an example that demonstrates why contracting with a single facilities maintenance company is the better choice.


One of our longtime clients in southern Wisconsin called us on a weekend because they had a sprinkler system pipe burst, destroying ceiling tiles, furniture, flooring and drywall while also creating concern for mold. The incident occurred in an unoccupied branch that was up for sale.

Within an hour of the call, the J&P Site Experts field technician team was on site to begin cleanup and to administer remediation services. The photo gallery below shows the level of damage present upon arrival:


The J&P team immediately began removing cubicles, furnishings, drywall, flooring, ceiling tiles and more. Drywall was removed down to the studs once mold spots began to form (see below gallery). It was determined that the sprinkler system pipe was defective, causing the leak and subsequent flooding.

The field technicians spent the next week deconstructing the branch, monitoring moisture levels and sealing off areas that were free of damage.



The job was completed efficiently, thoroughly and in a timely manner. Because the building remained unoccupied, J&P did not provide additional services like new drywall and flooring installation.

The moral of the story is that having an ongoing relationship with a facilities maintenance company resulted in a fast, efficient response, with complete administration of restoration and remediation services. Having your financial institution’s facility needs monitored and addressed by a single and unified team streamlines your work order process, eliminates additional layers of communication and transfers the responsibility from your plate to the company’s. There was no confusion on who to call — just one phone number to handle all facilities needs. You can also rely on a facilities maintenance company like J&P to handle emergency issues like this one immediately, including after hours or on weekends.

Prevent damage and equipment failure, and lessen your facility management workload by getting in touch with our team today. We’ll introduce you to our service capabilities and line of products, and discuss a budget range that works for your business.