Tips for Designing a Safe, User-Friendly ATM Area for Your Bank or Credit Union Customers

October 18, 2017

Each of your financial institution’s ATM areas is an opportunity to leave a positive impression on your customers. Follow these tips to create a customer-focused walk-up ATM area that helps them feel confident in your brand.

Safety First

An ATM area with poor lighting and no video surveillance could leave your customers vulnerable. If your ATM area is enclosed with doors, provide adequate lighting both inside and outside the area.

Lighting can be overhead or added with lighted bollards outdoors. Video surveillance is a deterrent to criminals, and you can add signs that state the area is being monitored 24 hours a day.

Clean It Up

Dirty ATMs with overflowing trash receptacles — or even worse, no trash cans — will leave your customer reflecting negatively on their experience. Consider hiring out for professional ATM cleaning services and ordering smoke stop outdoor ashtrays to prevent the accumulation of cigarette butts in or near your ATM areas.

Provide Necessary Supplies

Adding an inexpensive ATM envelope holder keeps the supplies your customers need well-organized.

Show Your Compliance

ATM compliance signage quickly tells your customers what types of cards are accepted at your ATM, what the fee is, and who owns and operates the ATM if they encounter a problem.

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