ATM EMV Upgrade Saves Money, Minimize Waste

January 21, 2016

Conducting an ATM EMV upgrade to accept EMV cards instead of trashing them in favor of new machines makes sense economically and environmentally for your ATM fleet.

With the first major ATM fraud liability shift approaching later this year, industry analysts predict as many as half of the nation’s 400,000 ATMs could be headed to the landfill. That’s 200,000 tons of plastic, metal, batteries and other toxic or non-biodegradable materials. ATM EMV upgrade

But J&P Site Experts will ensure your treasured ATM fleet doesn’t become trash. We offer partial and complete ATM refurbishment for a wide variety of brands and models at a fraction of replacement cost. We also provide EMV upgrade kits. For the few machines that we can’t upgrade, we’ll order and install a new ATM. We’ll then utilize our ATM recycling program to minimize the waste from your old machine when we haul it away.

ATM Repairs & Compliance

While we perform your ATM EMV upgrade, we can get your machines caught up on overdue repairs and compliance requirements. These include ADA upgrades, new PCI keypads, updated security modules and other software updates.

Contact us for guidance on renovating your ATM fleet for EMV. It’s the cost-conscious and environmentally responsible approach.