LED Signs & Signals

Banking and parking directional drive-thru signage

Our¬†architecturally appealing LED signs are energy efficient, simple to install and available for outdoor and indoor applications. Each sign is professionally engineered using “green engineering techniques” which extends the LED life expectancy and reduces energy consumption.

Our LED signs are available in both direct-view and backlit illumination styles. Each offers its own unique advantages.

With direct-view LED technology, the message is spelled out in individual LEDs, as a result we are able to overlay or layer several different messages in a single sign reducing the sign cabinet to about half its original size. Overlaid messages can be illuminated independently.

Backlit LED signs feature a bold, stencil-style message face; we offer a standard style but can customize the font style and size to your specifications. These sign messages can be more graphic in nature, such as logos and symbols.

Both technologies offer exceptional readability and will not wash out when the sun is shining directly on them.  They also have the ability to extinguish or blank out the message completely when off.

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