Standard Guardrail

two-line standard guardrail - manufacturing area


Made in USA

Our Standard Guardrail is made from schedule 40 and schedule 80 steel pipe, which is sleeved in HDPE plastic to make the guardrail maintenance-free and paint-free. Customization is available as the guardrail can be made in both one-line and two-line options, both of which have the strength to stop a 12,000-pound forklift in its tracks. The guardrail is also easy to install as there is no field welding needed and the guardrail is able to be installed upon arrival. 

  • Maintenance-free, with no need to paint
  • Won’t rust or crack in any environment
  • Maximizes valuable floor space with small deflection rate; can be placed within 6 inches of walls or equipment
  • Easy installation; no field welding required
  • Modular; can be moved and reused as floor plans change
  • Customizable based on protection needs
  • Significant reduction of repair and replacement costs

For more information on our Standard Guardrail or Heavy-Duty Guardrail option, please contact our sales team today. standard guardrail diagram

Pipe post made of 4” schedule 40 pipe
Pipe rail made of 2½” schedule 80 pipe

  • Sleeved in UV and antistatic treated ¼” polyethylene thermoplastic
  • Standard heights: 14 ¾”, 27”, 36”, 42”
  • Standard lengths: 48”, 72”, 96”, 120”
  • One- & two-line systems
  • Custom configurations available
  • Installation options: core-in, plate mount, or steel floor sleeve
  • Ships fully assembled
two-line standard guardrail - in plant
two-line standard guardrail - asset protection
One-line standard guardrail - wall protection
One-Line standard guardrail - Gunmetal Gray - Parking Lot
two-line standard guardrail - manufacturing area
Yellow plastic sleeved steel pipe two-line standard guardrail with base plates