Heavy-Duty Guardrail Systems


Made in USA

The strongest on the market, our heavy-duty guardrail will stop just about anything, including a 12,000-pound forklift moving 8 mph dead in its tracks. But that’s not all that separates it from the competitors.

Our heavy-duty guardrail is maintenance-free and paint-free. Meaning, business owners and facility managers will never have to worry about paying for painters to touch up and refinish the guardrail. It’ll also save time on the installation as it is designed to be quickly installed at any facility. It can also be installed within 6 inches of critical assets, walls or walkways, thanks to its no-deflection design.

  • Installation options: core-in, plate mount or steel floor sleeve
  • No need to paint
  • Won’t rust or crack in any environment
  • Maximizes valuable floor space with small deflection rate; can be placed within 6 inches of walls or equipment
  • Easy installation; ships fully assembled, with no field welding required
  • Modular design allows it to be moved and reused as floor plans change
  • Customizable based on protection needs
  • Significant reduction of repair and replacement costs

For more information on our Heavy-Duty Guardrail or Standard Guardrail option, please contact our experienced sales team today. heavy duty guardrail diagram

Made of

Pipe post: 4” schedule 80 pipe
Pipe rail: 6” schedule 40 pipe

  • Standard heights: 14 ¾”, 27”, 36”, 42”
  • Standard lengths: 48”, 72”, 96”, 120”, 144”
  • Ships fully assembled
  • One- & two-line systems
  • Sleeved in UV and antistatic treated ¼” polyethylene thermoplastic
  • Custom configurations available
One line heavy-duty guardrail - parking
One line heavy-duty guardrail - fence parking area
One Line Heavy Duty Guardrail
Two line heavy-duty guardrail outdoors
Two-Line Heavy Duty Guardrail protecting electrical equipment
Custom Two-line Heavy Duty Guardrail