Steel Pipe & Plastic Handrail

Steel Pipe and Plastic Handrail
Made in USA

Our Steel Pipe and Plastic Handrail is the most innovative, work-site friendly handrail on the market. It’s a customizable handrail system that’s made from schedule 40 and schedule 80 steel pipe and is covered in durable, weather-resistant HDPE plastic that is resistant against fading, chipping, peeling and rusting. Our handrail is also easily installed and available in a wide array of colors, including yellow for high visibility.

  • Easy-to-install modular steel and plastic system with magnesium fittings ships in fully assembled sections
  • Installs with no on-site welding or hot work
  • Systems available in a variety of colors, styles and designs: two-line, three-line, picket and infill
  • Custom color matching available
  • Core mount, plate mount, removable applications available
  • Adjustable for slopes and unique environments
  • Modular assembly is removable and reusable to accommodate changing floor plans
  • All handrail systems stand 42” high, meeting all OSHA, ADA and BOCA safety standards
  • Freestanding weighted foot handrail system
  • Rooftop fall protection that does not puncture or damage the roof membrane

For more information on our Steel Pipe and Plastic Handrail or Aluminum Handrail, please contact our knowledgeable sales team today.

Standard height 42″

  • 1 1/4″ schedule 40 steel pipe rail
  • 1 1⁄4” schedule 80 steel pipe post
  • Sleeved in hi-density polyethylene thermoplastic with ultraviolet and anti-static additives
  • Aluminum/magnesium alloy fittings
  • Meets OSHA standards
  • Available colors: blue, red, OSHA yellow, white, silver and black