ATM EMV Compliance

We have the equipment and parts to help you reach ATM EMV compliance for your ATM fleet. We carry NCR EMV upgrade kits that come with a 90-day warranty.

Familiarize yourself with the latest EMV requirements by reading these facts about EMV compliance.

What is EMV?
EMV is a set of international specifications defined by Europay International, MasterCard Worldwide and Visa to define standards for chip-based financial transactions.

Why Do I Need to Achieve ATM EMV Compliance?
EMV chips maximize security for the cardholder when making consumer payments and reduce the chance for fraudulent transactions resulting from counterfeit, lost and stolen cards. They protect cardholder data stored on the chip from unauthorized modification.

When is the Deadline?
Visa will migrate its point-of-sale international card transactions to EMV beginning October 1, 2015. Visa’s targeted date for the ATM liability shift is early 2016 (exact date TBD).

How We Can Help
We provide all the hardware necessary to get your machine EMV ready, also known as chip enabled, now so you aren’t pushing the deadline or unable to find parts on short notice. We supply and can install EMV card readers, Talladega cores and more. We also carry anti-skimming devices so you can better protect your customers. Call 262.346.8451 for details on EMV compliance.