FlexPost Bollards With Bollard Cover

Flexible bollard post known as the
Made in USA

The flexpost bollard is the most flexible solution to controlling traffic while minimizing damage in your business parking areas. With 360-degree movement, flexpost bollards are durable, wind tested and able to withstand bumps or even significant impact from vehicles.

For maximum safety and visibility, top the FlexPost bollard with a durable HDPE plastic bollard cover that matches your corporate branding.

Installation for the surface-mounted flexible bollard is easy, and special tools aren’t required. Installation kits are available for both concrete and asphalt.

Flexpost Bollard diagram


  • 6” diameter bollard cover with ultraviolet additives
  • 1/2” diameter carbon steel torsion spring
  • 9” square 7-gauge mounting plate with mounting hardware
  • Standard height options: 52” and 72”
Flexible Bollard with yellow Bollard Cover
Flexpost Bollard with yellow bollard cover
Flexpost Bollard flexing upon vehicle impact and returns upright when vehicle backs away
Yellow Flexible Bollard
Yellow Flexpost Bollard