Ribbed Decorative Bollard Covers


Made in USA

Often mistaken for a concrete bollard, the Ribbed Decorative Cover creates an intimidating barrier to protect your facility while providing professional appeal. Although this decorative bollard may look like its heavier concrete counterpart, it is a much more cost-effective option. Designed with our 1/4″ polyethylene thermoplastic our Ribbed Decorative Bollard Cover is lightweight but extremely durable in harsh weather conditions.

Simple and quick installation with our patented installation tape allows for a one-person install. This decorative bollard cover was designed with a zero-maintenance attitude to prevent users from wasting time and money with annual painting.

  • Thick, durable plastic bollard cover won’t fade, peel or crack
  • Installs in minutes by one person
  • Lightweight design reduces shipping costs compared to heavy concrete bollards
  • Available in standard colors: Blue, Forest Green, Brown, Black, Dark Gray, Urban Bronze, Light Gray
  • Premium color options: Dark Granite, Light Granite

Our other 10″ bollard sleeve options include our standard, heavy duty, Pawn and Cinco bollard covers.

Decorative Bollards Colors

  • 1/4” nominal wall thickness durable plastic
  • Fits over 10’’ pipe
  • Steel inserts are available to fit smaller pipe sizes
  • Available in any standard and premium colors
  • Overall height is 52’’
  • Custom cut lengths
  • Patented installation tape is included for permanent fit
  • 5-year warranty against fading
Ribbed Decorative Bollard Sleeve
Pedestrian walkway protected by Decorative Bollards
Ribbed Decorative Bollard Cover in light granite
Light Gray Decorative Bollard Cover
Granite plastic Ribbed Decorative Bollard Cover

We offer products in a variety of standard colors with the option for custom Pantone & Sherwin Williams color matching*. If you have a custom color, contact a sales rep to get started or fill out the form below.

Blue Ribbed Decorative Bollard Cover
Forest Green Ribbed Decorative Bollard Cover
Brown Ribbed Decorative Bollard Cover
Black Ribbed Decorative Bollard Cover
Gray Ribbed Decorative Bollard Cover
Urban Bronze Ribbed Decorative Bollard Cover
Gray Ribbed Decorative Bollard Cover

Click each color to see preview

Forest Green
Dark Gray
Urban Bronze
Light Gray

Custom Color Matching:
Custom color matching* is available for an additional one-time fee (minimum order one sleeve). See below for color samples, and contact us for more information.


Reproduction of web colors are not always "what you see is what you get" because colors on your monitor and the color produced physically can and most likely will vary. This is because different devices have different color "languages" and will out put color differently. The colors you see on your monitor are the result of reflective light and the colors you see physically are a mix of different inks which will vary from your monitor display.

To get better result it is important to choose your colors CAREFULLY. We cannot be held responsible for colors that are off a few shades due to the vast complexities of media differences. Choose a Pantone or Sherwin Williams color to get the best result or we'll be happy to send you a sample.