Outsourcing Isn’t a Dirty Word in Facility Maintenance

November 11, 2015

For many in the work world, the word “outsourcing” can conjure the uncomfortable image of layoffs and customer service providers who are halfway across the world.

But for many companies, it’s the chance to hire experts in a specialized area so they can concentrate on what they do best. J&P Site Experts can step in to complete many facility maintenance tasks so companies can take care of their customers and their business.

There are a variety of reasons why hiring an expert outside your company might be the right choice:

  • Improved efficiency. Your company has areas of expertise, but repairing roof leaks or doing asphalt repair might not be among them. J&P hires people who specialize in each of these areas to do your job for you. As specialists, their efficiency is passed on in savings 10cincoloresfor you, and you can concentrate on your core business.
  • If there’s a project that needs to be done right away, such as electrical work or handrail installation, a facilities manager can get on the job immediately instead of your company needing to juggle that with other tasks.
  • Financial savings. Pay for what you need when you need it. In addition, vendors absorb the costs of training and benefits. Those costs savings can be applied elsewhere in your company or be passed on to customers.
  • Tap into technology. By outsourcing maintenance, providers who are experts have the best and most current products and technology at their fingertips. Your company need not reinvest in new technology, equipment and training to keep up with building and grounds maintenance.
  • In a down market, short-term contracts with facilities managers can help your company ride out the challenging times and be in a position for growth when the market improves.
  • Access to experts. Facility maintenance managers know who is the best and how best to get the job done. They have relationships to other contractors to save you the effort of trying to find the best fit for what needs to be done.
  • Specialty services. Some cleaning and repair jobs can require skills beyond your staff’s capabilities. Or, they might take time away from other work that needs to be done. Outside specialists can get the job done while you keep everything else running at your company.

Your business has its strengths and its goals. Going beyond your staff to outside experts might be just the thing to help those on the inside best reach their goals more efficiently and without distraction. Contact J&P Site Experts to find out how we can work together to find cost savings and expert solutions for your facility maintenance needs. Choose one of our service programs for the most consistent facility maintenance.