Cut Energy Costs & Reap Other Benefits by Upgrading to LED Lighting

December 7, 2017

Want to save more than 30 percent in energy costs every month? If your business hasn’t upgraded to LED lighting both indoors and out, you’re missing out on a way to dramatically reduce energy expenditures and dramatically reduce the need for maintenance.


Tips for Designing a Safe, User-Friendly ATM Area for Your Bank or Credit Union Customers

October 18, 2017

Each of your financial institution's ATM areas is an opportunity to leave a positive impression on your customers. Follow these tips to create a customer-focused walk-up ATM area that helps them feel confident in your brand.

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J&P’s Checklist for Fall Facilities Maintenance

October 17, 2017

Cold weather looms, but there’s still plenty of time to review your facility’s needs before the snow and ice hit.  A few fixes now could save you money during the winter — and these small things could translate to big cost savings when warmer weather returns.

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Commercial Litter Cleanup Program Adds Value, Protects Your Brand

September 20, 2017

Who is responsible for keeping your properties free of litter and looking immaculate so your customers have the best possible image of your business?

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How to Pick the Best Types of Bollards for Your Business

August 29, 2017

The market for bollards has grown exponentially in the last decade, with new types available for a variety of uses. These protective shields for parking areas, sidewalks and buildings can save lives and prevent or reduce property damage. You can determine the best types of bollards for your business or project with this comprehensive Bollard Selection Guide.

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