Long-Lasting Bollard Covers a Simple Fix for Aging Bollards

December 11, 2014

Yellow plastic dome top 1/4" bollard covers guarding a bank's drive-thru

Yellow plastic dome top 1/4″ bollard covers guarding a bank’s drive-thru

Have your bollards begun to fade, discolor or look less than attractive? Bollard covers, also known as bumper sleeves, are an economical solution. Simply determine the size of your bollards, search our Bollard Covers page for a style that fits your current bollards, and you can extend the life of the bollards indefinitely.

We offer 1/4-inch-thick bollard covers and 1/8-inch-thick bollard coveres, as well as lighted, square and a variety of decorative styles. All of them are made in the U.S.A. from durable plastic that is resistant to fading, peeling and cracking. Our bollard covers are:

  • easy to install
  • lightweight, which translates to low shipping costs
  • available in a variety of colors and styles
  • maintenance-free

In some cases, we can even install your bollard covers for you.

Bollards protect your business’s assets and prevent accidents or criminals from damaging valuable equipment. They are important for banks, financial institutions, credit unions, restaurants and nearly any business that wants a barrier to protect its buildings or equipment.

Visit our Bollard Covers page for details or our Products page to browse other exterior maintenance and safety products, or send us a message if you have questions or want personalized assistance in choosing the right products for your business.