J&P’s Checklist for Fall Facilities Maintenance

October 17, 2017

Cold weather looms, but there’s still plenty of time to review your facility’s needs before the snow and ice hit.  A few fixes now could save you money during the winter — and these small things could translate to big cost savings when warmer weather returns.

Follow our checklist to stay one step ahead of the elements, and keep your property looking its best and operating optimally in coming months.

Check the roof: Look for anything that might have been left behind from summer storm damage, particularly near vents or skylights. Check for missing or cracked shingles. Examine interior walls for any sign that water has been entering. Scan for spots in the roof that show deterioration or evidence of standing water, and test all roof guardrails. Check the flashing at walls, around vents or skylights. Caulk if necessary, or repair the flashing. Remove leaves or twigs; they can host mold and mildew.

Clean the gutters: Remove leaves, sticks and any other debris from the gutters. Pay close attention to the downspouts to ensure water flows through them. Make sure animals haven’t made their homes there. Watch for loose gutters and leakage.

Let there be light: The shorter days of fall and winter mean a greater need for lighting. Clearing dust that accumulates on lights is a good place to start, but also check for missing lights or if it’s time for a group replacement. Consider installing lighted bollards, especially in areas that lack blanket illumination.

Watch the walks: Water expands when it freezes, and the little cracks in sidewalks or pavement can become bigger problems as winter lingers. Small cracks can be cleaned out and filled with a tube of asphalt patch product. Ensure that any ADA pads on your property are properly secured and sealed, and that they smoothly intersect your sidewalks.

Stabilize handrails and guardrails: Examine whether the bolts and plates that secure your handrails and guardrails are tight — especially in heavy use areas where customers will rely on them amid unsure footing in icy and snowy conditions — and whether any paint has chipped from them.

Get doormats ready: Sweep or vacuum mats for loose debris, and hose down outdoor mats. If buying new mats, allow enough mat space for people to take four steps on them. Outdoor mats should have a rougher surface to scrape off snow, mud or debris. Indoor mats should strip outdoor substances off footwear and absorb moisture.

Get inside: In colder climates, begin thinking about what kind of maintenance work needs to be done on your building’s interior. Inspect walls, looking for areas that require repainting. Examine flooring, making sure carpet isn’t overly worn or that hard-surface flooring isn’t in need of refinishing or buffing.

J&P Site Experts can help you develop a facilities maintenance plan for your building’s exterior and interior facility management needs. Our staff can perform practically any type of work, and outsourcing this work is a smart business practice that allows you focus on your core mission. Contact us today to set up a consultation.