What to Do if Your Facility Sustains Commercial Snowplow Damage

March 27, 2018

If your financial institution is located in the Midwest or the North, you probably contract out for commercial snow removal service. In the spring, one of the most common issues we encounter here at J&P Site Experts is the discovery of commercial snowplow damage to equipment or facilities.

Sometimes, our customers notice the damage right away. But other times, it’s not evident until the snow has fully melted.

We perform a full facilities inspection of all our customers’ properties every spring to take inventory of the equipment and property’s condition, and you should do the same. Not only is snowplow damage common, but winter itself can take a heavy toll on buildings, from windows to siding to roofing.

The sooner you report any damage to your snow removal company, the more likely you will be able to work out a fair solution. 

When inspecting for commercial snowplow damage, be sure to inspect bollards, drive-through lane equipment, curbs, parking signage and blocks, and any other items that could sustain damage.

If you do find damage, in most cases your snow removal company carries insurance for these types of mishaps. Report the damage, take photos and present them to the company for a resolution.

To hire a professional team to do a complete post-winter inspection to survey for weather- or snowplow-related damage, contact J&P Site Experts at 262.346.8451 or send us a message.