How to Prepare Your Buildings and Grounds for Winter

October 16, 2018

Does your financial institution have an annual fall routine to prepare your buildings and grounds for winter? If not, now is the time to adopt one.

Fall offers the perfect opportunity to inspect your properties, and identify areas in need of attention before the colder months take their toll on them. Inspect the following areas to find potential issues and to get them ready for the season.

• Roof and gutters: Perform a thorough inspection of the roofing, including soffits, dormers, rafters, fascia, eaves and flashing. Look for shingle mineral accumulation in gutters and downspouts; worn shingle edges; loose or missing nails; and heat and sun damage to roofing materials. Remove leaves, sticks and other debris from gutters and downspouts.

• Outdoor equipment & materials: Inspect all the equipment outside your building, including drive-thru lane banking items like safe deposit box drawers and pneumatic tubes; and bollards, bollard covers, A/C units, EV charging stations, generators and parking signage. Lawn irrigation systems, sprinkler heads, outdoor faucets, hoses and related equipment are worth your attention, too. Turn off outside water sources now, since temperatures are already in the freezing range overnight.

• Storm drains: Ensure there are no blockages that restrict water flow.

• Landscaping: Seed any bare lawn spots. Prune and inspect trees and shrubs, as well as their root systems, which should be at a distance from buildings. Trim new growth that is butting up against your buildings to thwart off pests.

• Walkways, drive-thru lanes and parking areas: Repair cracks or unevenness that could cause more problems when covered in ice or snow, and become worse by spring.

• Lighting: Inspect all lighting outdoors, replacing bulbs and make sure that everything is in good working order. Don’t forget about drive-thru lane signals, exit sign bulbs and motion lighting.

• Windows & doors: Seal around doors and windows to stop air leaks. Check insulation in the ceilings and walls to ensure there’s enough to keep your buildings warm. Consider adding an ENRG blanket to improve insulation and achieve greater cost savings on heating throughout winter (J&P is a certified installer). Wash all exterior windows one last time before spring, to leave your customers with a good impression of your brand.

Heating and ventilation: A detailed review of the mechanical system is important. Ensure pipes are insulated for maximum energy savings.

As Benjamin Franklin once said, “By failing to prepare, you prepare for failure.” Take the time now to think ahead and prevent problems before they occur. If your business requires help with your fall building and grounds maintenance, send us a message or call 262.346.8451.