Create Drive-Through Lane Banners Your Customers Can’t Miss

August 22, 2017

Drive-through lane banners are an inexpensive, effective way to inform your bank or credit union customers about current promotions. They allow you to change out your signage as often as you’d like, so your message is always fresh. And since your customers may have to wait a minute or two for their turn at the drive-up window, they’ll be looking for something to pass the time.

Here are five tips from our marketing team to maximize your message’s effectiveness.

For Drive-Through Lane Banners, Less is More

Your banner should be not only visually simple, but also light on text. Use active language and keep words to a minimum to communicate your offer.

Size Matters

Your customers should be able to read your sign from a few car lengths away. Keep type large enough to read from a distance, and use bolder typefaces that aren’t too thin or light. 

Use Contrast & Colors While Staying True to Your Brand

Ensure that your drive-through lane banner has high contrast, and contrast between the foreground and background. Color is important; each color produces a distinct emotion, so choose your colors carefully. Do your best to follow your brand’s color scheme so that your customers quickly recognize your look.

Create a Sense of Urgency in Your Drive-Through Lane Banners

Does your offer expire? What can you do to make people want to act on it right away? Limited-time offers are more motivating to the customer.

Make the Call to Action Clear

Will your customers know how to learn more or take advantage of your offer? Do you want them to ask a teller, come inside or visit the website? Provide clear, concise instructions.

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