Commercial Litter Cleanup Program Adds Value, Protects Your Brand

September 20, 2017

Who is responsible for keeping your properties free of litter and looking immaculate so your customers have the best possible image of your business?

If you had to think before answering that question, you may need to dedicate some resources to this often overlooked task.

Ignoring Litter Removal Has Negative Consequences

Commercial litter cleanup often falls to the bottom of the to-do list when it comes to facility maintenance. But failing to keep your properties clean has several negative consequences. 

• It leaves your customers with a bad impression of your business. The cleanliness of your property contributes to a solid brand and projects an image. Would you do business at a place where there’s trash overflowing in the receptacles near your doorways, or worse, debris on the ground?

• Litter can harm wildlife and waterways. Animals may ingest a piece of litter that contains chemicals or something dangerous to them, and trash that makes its way into the storm sewers could end up in streams, rivers or lakes.

• Rodents love litter. The best way to keep your properties free of rodents is to keep them clean on the outside. Litter attracts mice, rats, bugs and other unpleasant rodents, which may try to enter your buildings when the weather turns cooler.

• Your company could be fined. Some states will fine property owners that show disregard for litter cleanup.

commercial litter removalSometimes, windy weather is all it takes to create litter that blows into landscaping, doorways and parking lots. A regular commercial litter cleanup program shows your commitment to being green and sustainable.

Commercial Litter Cleanup as Add-On or Single Service

J&P Site Experts, which provides complete one-stop facilities maintenance for commercial properties, can add litter removal to your regularly scheduled facilities maintenance program. We can also perform litter removal on its own, too, with the frequency that your company desires.

Contracting with a facilities maintenance company like ours puts an extra set of eyes on your property, which is smart business. Call 262.346.8451 or complete our contact form to learn more about our facilities maintenance programs, including commercial litter cleanup.