Branding and Signage Tips to Elevate Your Business

August 5, 2015

A strong brand is essential to a successful business. Your business’s brand is not only reflected in a logo, but it’s also the feeling your customers get when they see your messaging, signage and any form of communication that your business produces.

Here are some ways to help your business stand out from the competition by utilizing branding and signage.

Be strategic. Signage is just one element of your branding and marketing. Make sure your signage content is consistent with your overall marketing message and other forms of communication, and that each of these tools reinforces your message. Your signage should tell your company’s story and trigger a positive emotional response from customers.

Take advantage of your location. Signage is an easy way to advertise your business to prospective customers. If your business is located in a high-traffic area, you can draw a new audience with well-placed signs. You may want to incorporate a sign with a call to action to encourage customers to stop in or to contact your business.

Use color and contrast for high impact. You can use the colors in your logo to develop signage that catches the eye. Aim for high contrast, which is easier to read from a distance, and be sure not to overdo it when you’re working with color.

Make sure your signage is always in top condition. Would you want to shop somewhere that has a faded, cracked sign out front? A worn-out sign can be a metaphor for how that business operates behind the scenes and in other aspects of its work. Sign refurbishment is an excellent low-cost alternative to installing new signs, with options to replace panels, lettering and other elements rather than a whole sign.

Be consistent. Business signage should be uniform. You don’t want one sign to reflect an outdated logo or a message that doesn’t tie in with the others.

Be helpful. Good directional signage can help your existing customers find what they’re looking for easily and effectively.

Keep it fresh. You don’t need to redesign your logo to spruce up your message and brand. Consider marketing campaigns that deliver solutions-oriented messages, or use signage that can change inexpensively for short-term campaigns, such as outdoor banners and displays, and drive-through lane banners.

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