How to Pick the Best Types of Bollards for Your Business

August 29, 2017

The market for bollards has grown exponentially in the last decade, with new types available for a variety of uses. These protective shields for parking areas, sidewalks and buildings can save lives and prevent or reduce property damage. You can determine the best types of bollards for your business or project with this comprehensive Bollard Selection Guide.

What Is a Bollard?

Bollards are metal or concrete posts that limit access to certain areas so property damage cannot occur, or can at least be limited. They control traffic flow, improve safety and are often strong enough to stop vehicles. Bollards are available in varying sizes and shapes. The most common type has a rounded top. Others are lighted or decorative. Some resist impact more than others, depending on the material and the size. Depending on whether a business wants to limit access all the time or intermittently, there are removable bollards with a release that allows them to be taken out as needed.

Bollards are extremely effective for many types of businesses. Common uses include:

  • Municipalities (parks, public buildings, fire stations, police stations, parking garages)
  • Retail plazas or big-box stores
  • Office buildings
  • Generator and electrical areas, for equipment protection
  • Drive-through lanes (fast-food restaurants, banks, drugstores)
  • Warehouses (indoors and outdoors)
  • Stadiums
  • Schools
  • Shopping malls
  • Grocery stores
  • Gas stations
  • Any building or area at risk of damage due to adjacent parking or motor vehicle traffic
  • Any property in need of a decorative way to enhance safety

Types of Bollards

Some of the most common types of bollards are:

Steel pipe bollards. Steel pipe bollards are the most commons type and are typically permanently installed. Available in various widths and able to be cut tosteel pipe bollards-fire station custom lengths, they are often used to protect buildings, electrical areas and generators, as well as cutting off traffic access in pedestrian areas. They are typically the strongest type of bollard. Steel pipe bollards are the ultimate tool in preventing storefront crashes, which occur more than 60 times per day in the U.S.

They are often covered with bollard covers, also called bollard sleeves, an inexpensive product made of durable plastic that comes in standard and custom colors. Bollard covers increase bollard visibility and make the bollards tie into the look of the building or property. Many businesses order bollard covers in colors to match their branding, such as logo colors. Most bollards can be covered with a lighted or decorative bollard cover for added safety or interest.

Removable bollards. Removable bollards are particularly helpful in areas for authorized vehicles only, or during special events, when traffic may need to be types of bollards-removable bollardcut off in a particular area to accommodate increased pedestrian traffic. They can be used alongside fixed steel pipe bollards or alone to create an adjustable security barrier. Removable bollards are not as strong as steel pipe bollards because they need to be lightweight enough to easily remove, so they cannot withstand as much traffic impact as more permanent solutions.

types of bollards-flexible bollard

Flexible bollards. Designed for traffic control in parking lots, flexible bollards minimize damage to vehicles but still promote safety and visibility. A common place to install flexible bollards are at the head of a parking spot.

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