ATM Cleaning Cards Protect & Maintain Your ATM Fleet

July 13, 2017

While professional ATM maintenance and inspection is important in extending the life of your ATM fleet, there’s also a simple practice your financial institution can put into place. The solution is economical, takes little time, reduces ATM down time, and may protect your machines and customers.

Sold individually or in bulk for one-time use, you can insert ATM cleaning cards into your ATM card reader to clean interior ATM parts that an exterior cleaning can’t reach.

Cleaning cards are recommended for use on high-traffic ATMs weekly or even daily, and less frequently used ATMs a few times a month.

Most cleaning cards have a solid core and are covered with a cloth-like material saturated with cleaning solution approved by machine manufacturers. Each card comes in a sealed package that keeps the card moist and free of debris so nothing is transferred into the machine.

ATM Cleaning Card Benefits

The benefits of ATM cleaning cards include:

  • decreased machine failure and down time caused by dirt and other foreign objects finding their way inside the machine
  • reduced service calls and associated costs, because the majority of service calls wouldn’t be necessary had the ATM owner been regularly using cleaning cards
  • giving staff a routine plan to inspect the ATM, which may find anti-skimming devices or detect tampering that could compromise your customers’ data. Regularly looking at your ATMs shows identity thieves that you’re watching and that your financial institution is not the one to target.
  • protecting card readers and maintaining their life

How to Purchase ATM Cleaning Cards

As a full-service provider of facilities maintenance and products for banks and credit unions, J&P Site Experts carries a variety of ATM cleaning cards. If you’re not sure what type of ATM cleaning card is right for your ATM fleet, simply call us at 262.346.8451 or send us a message. Include your machine manufacturer and model number so we can make recommendations for you.

We can also help set your financial institution up with a professional ATM cleaning and maintenance schedule to protect your equipment investment. Call for more information.