3 Reasons to Hire a Facility Maintenance Company Now

May 10, 2023

Thinking about outsourcing your building and property maintenance work to a facility maintenance company instead of hiring your own staff? In addition to the advantage of avoiding employee costs such as Social Security and health care, here are three more reasons why it’s a smart decision — especially in the current economic climate.

Wise Investment of Time & Resources

Having a hard time finding qualified employees to join your facilities operations team? You’re not alone. The nation’s unemployment rate is 3.4 percent, and the labor shortage at an all-time high. Many companies are struggling to fill vital positions, particularly those that require manual labor. And once a company hires new workers, it needs to raise wages and offer a wider variety of benefits to retain them.

By hiring a facility maintenance company to manage and perform your property maintenance, you spend less time managing people’s follow-through and more time on your core business.


If you don’t have a steady flow of work all year long, your facility maintenance employees may have too much downtime, and your company will continue to pay them even if they aren’t working. In addition, the economy has its ups and downs. Hiring a facility maintenance company allows you the flexibility to use it when you need it, and to pay per service, or for a certain number of site visits per year.


Properties and buildings require a great deal of maintenance. From electrical to HVAC to improvements such as flooring and painting or drywalling, there are many needs to be met. A facility maintenance company will send the most qualified staff to your business for the job at hand, which eliminates the need to train your own employees to do a wide variety of tasks.

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