2 Simple Steps to Protect Your Bank or Credit Union During Facilities Repair Work

April 9, 2015

Spring is here, and businesses are looking to their buildings’ exteriors plus surrounding property to make repairs and improvements. A frequent problem that we see in our facilities maintenance and facilities management work at J&P Site Experts occurs when banks and credit unions’ operations departments hire a company to reseal their parking lots and drive-through lanes.

If you are completing this type of facilities repair service near ATMs and other banking equipment like pneumatic tube systems, cover them thoroughly before the projects begin. If they’re not properly covered, the overspray from the resealing can damage the finish on your equipment. Taking the time and planning to protect your equipment is simple and averts costly repairs.

Another common problem we see as a result of asphalt and paving work is when storm sewers are not covered. If left uncovered, the asphalt can clog your sewer lateral and cause a host of problems.

These two easy moves will prevent the loss of time and money and the need for ATM service or pneumatic tube service, allowing your business and its image to be its best. For more maintenance ideas, products and services from J&P, visit our website or read our spring newsletter.