ATM Cleaning & Kiosk Cleaning

J&P’s fast, reliable ATM cleaning & kiosk cleaning services give your customers a cleaner, positive experience. Our inspection process often uncovers skimming devices or other identify theft software, providing an added level of security to your customers.

Why ATM Cleaning?

  • ATMs top the list of the dirtiest public items the average person touches each day. By hiring us to handle your ATM cleaning and ATM maintenance, you can protect your customers from germs and illness.
  • Cleaning reduces downtime from system failure by removing grime and buildup on all components.
  • Routine ATM cleaning safeguards your image by presenting a welcoming and professional image.
  • We can detect skimming devices and theft software during the cleaning process, protecting both you and your customers.

Read all about the benefits of ATM cleaning on our blog to better understand why it should be a regular program for your bank or credit union.

What Is ATM Cleaning?

We provide complete ATM cleaning services for all types of ATMs. Our cleanings disinfect all of the machine’s exterior surfaces, including the monitor, keyboard, function keys, card reader, surround, fascia and bezel, writing surfaces, envelope holder, camera window, light panels and ATM housing, as well as drive-up kiosk cleaning. We will help you choose the frequency of cleanings that works best for your business.

Our ATM Cleaning & Inspection Process

When you hire our team to clean and inspect your ATMs, the process includes:

  • checking in with your operations/site management
  • complete inspection of each machine and associated signage to ensure they are working properly
  • a thorough cleaning of ATMs, surround, fascia and ATM housing, as well as any peripheral equipment
  • a report on the condition of all ATMs and any equipment serviced
  • We will inform you when your ATM needs to be replaced or refurbished. ATM refurbishment can cost less than half the amount of buying a new ATM.

In the unfortunate event that an ATM is vandalized or has been the victim of graffiti, we can repair your machine quickly.

Cleaning services are available for all makes and models of ATMs, regardless of the manufacturer. Schedule your cleaning today by calling 262.346.8451 or request it by filling out our Contact Us form.

Detailed ATM exterior cleaning and exterior kiosk unit cleaning
Interior cleaning of kiosk units
Apply or remove signage and compliance information
Digital portfolio of inventory
Equipment condition reporting
ATM drive reader cleaning
Anti-skimming device inspection
General grounds inspection reporting
Customized programs available

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Photo Gallery

Clean ATM guarded by purple dome topped bollard covers
Clean ATM guarded by dome top bollard covers