Flexpost Parking Sign System

Made in USA

Our flexpost sign system is damage-proof — you can drive right over it! Protect your parking lot signage and vehicles with this 360-degree sign system, designed with a half-inch diameter carbon steel torsion spring that allows for deflection upon impact (10 percent recoil). Choose between the flexpost bollard sign system and the flexpost stick. Each sign post is topped with a durable, maintenance-free bollard cover and/or a matching sign post sleeve.

Installation is quick and easy. Sign brackets stabilize the sign to the round posts to prevent movement from wind and eliminate the need to drill into the round post. Mounting hardware for concrete or asphalt is included for your convenience. The half-inch zinc-coated bolts make the signage simple to remove and reinstall.

Why choose the flexpost sign system?

  • It’s the only flexible sign system to include a matching post sleeve
  • High-quality plastic bollard covers and sleeves mean you’ll never have to paint again!
  • Simple, fast installation
  • Logo graphic option offered for branding needs
  • 6-inch bollard cover available in standard and custom colors
  • Withstands high wind speeds in excess of 75 mph
  • Standard, directional and custom signage available
  • ADA compliant

Flexpost parking sign system - bollard